Innovation Award FEIBP 2018 For Click&Roll®Box10

Nespoli Group, has received the Innovation Award for its latest innovation Click&Roll®Box10. The Innovation Award was given during the 60th FEIBP (European Brushware Federation) Congress held in Bordeaux on 26 September 2018

Click&Roll®, invented and patent protected by Nespoli Group, is an automatic release system of the paint roller sleeve from the roller handle. It makes changing a sleeve easy and fast without getting your hands dirty. Click&Roll® big rollers come with an individual storage box in which the roller sleeve stays moist and ready to use for up to three weeks (depending on the type of paint used). With a simple click, the paint coated roller sleeve is released into the box. No need to wrap the roller in a plastic foil anymore, or to wash it out at night.

As part of the line, Nespoli Group invented the Click&Roll®Box10 which is a storage box for 10 Click&Roll® mini rollers. The storage box allows keeping the mini rollers moist and ready for use, without cleaning them.  A time saving and efficient solution. This solution is especially studied for professional painters and therefore sold under the professional brands Friess® and Roulor®. The production of Click&Roll® rollers and mini rollers is made in Germany and guarantees the highest quality standards adapted for professional users.

FEIBP is the representative EU federation in the field of Brushware manufacturing. The scope of the European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) is to maintain and promote the mutual interests of its members in economic and technical fields and to advise and protect its members in all professional questions. FEIBP represents the members' interests to the competent European authorities, institutions and to other official departments by presenting proposals for its special field and by giving necessary information.