Traditionally solvent based paint sprays have high COV content (around 720gr/l) and are inflammable, irritant and dangerous for the environment.
Water based paints, although they contain more water and have a lower VOC content, still contain solvents and additives and are not as "green" as you might think. The water based paints also have the inconvenience of a much longer drying time. (VOC :Volatile Organic Compounds).

Nespoli Group brought to market the new Nespoli Green PERFORMANCE® spray. It is a high quality acrylic paint with high coverage. It uses natural solvent and therefore it has a reduced VOC level which eliminates the irritant symbol on the cans. At the same time, its drying time is comparable to solvent based spray paint.

Nespoli Green PERFORMANCE ® is a bright high quality enamel for interiors and exteriors.
It dries to the touch in roughly 15 minutes and dries fully in roughly 45 minutes.

It is available in a wide range of colors.
It can be applied on almost all surfaces like wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastering, masonite, for objects like doors, chairs, furniture, frames, knick-knacks, radiators etc.